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Richard's Tips for a Whole Rump in the Weber

So good!

Tip 1: Score the fat of the rump in much the same manner as pork skin for roasting and then massage the whole piece of meat with a mixture of olive oil, mustard and horseradish. Be sure to make enough of this to be able to baste the roast as it cooks.

Tip 2: Place in the middle of a well lit Weber and roast as long and as slowly as possible, using charcoal if you can, rather than briquettes. Remember you may need to top up the charcoal mid way through cooking.

Tip 3: Include a handful of soaked red gum wood chips about half way through – this gives a beautiful smoky flavour to the meat.

Tip 4: Have some alfoil handy in case part of the roast is too close to your hot coals – this will slow down the cooking process and make sure you get a moist juicy roast.