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Christmas: Tips for Feast!ng in the Heat

It is always a challenge to combine the best of a traditional Christmas Feast with the reality of a hot Aussie Christmas Day. Here are a few ideas for having the best of both worlds.

Ham is the ideal all-weather Christmas Hero. Perfect served with a variety of festive salads, condiments and fresh bread all of which can be prepared ahead of time. Set your table up with a range options for an amazing Self-Serve-Ham Bar.

Buy: Free Range Heritage or Newbury and Watson hams.
Make: We love this Beetroot, Radicchio, Gorgonzola and Toasted Walnut Salad recipe. click here for recipe...
Serve: Pick up a variety of condiments from Beerenberg or Maggie Beer available at Feast! Fine Food stores.

If you like a more traditional roast dinner for Christmas consider roasting your meats the day or evening before and serving them cold on the day. This will not only take the stress out of cooking on Christmas morning, but also you and your guests will enjoy a much lighter day of grazing.

Buy: Free Range Turkey, Berkshire Rolled Pork Loin, Coorong Angus Beef Whole Rump.
Make: Ditch the roast spuds for a potato salad. Try this Potato, Bacon and Pickled Fennel Salad from the Gourmet Traveller. click here for recipe
Replace the roast veg for something like a fresh green-bean salad (try: Pea, Broadbean and torn bread salad) click here for the recipe...
Serve: Instead of gravy and hot sauces pick up some Beerenberg mustards and cranberry sauce available at Feast! Fine Foods.

Start a new Summer Christmas Tradition and celebrate with an Aussie BBQ. Take the cooking outside and lay on all the best of our seasonal produce. Pure Suffolk Lamb is back in season just in time to make lamb the talk of your Christmas table.

Buy: Buttiflied Leg of Lamb
Make: Super-simple and fresh, make some real mint sauce to serve with your lamb. click here for recipe...
Serve: Crusty bread and a couple of simple salads is all you need to complete your Christmas BBQ!

Plan Ahead
It’s looking like it’s going to be a scorcher this year so plan a quick trip to your local service station for ice to keep drinks cold to reduce the need to open the fridge all the time.

Left-overs are one of the best things about Christmas feasting so be sure not to leave meats and salads out on the table too long. Have your Tupperware out and ready to go and make sure you get leftovers back in the fridge as soon as possible.

With a little re-thinking and planning ahead you can enjoy our beautiful weather without compromising on the feast or slaving away over a hot stove!

Have a cool and relaxed summer Christmas this year with Feast!