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Christmas: Tips and tricks for your Christmas Feast!

There are a few little things we can suggest you do that will add up to a more relaxing Christmas if you’re hosting this year. The first tip is to read on!

  1. It is obvious, but place your Christmas order early. It is about securing the product you want, but also getting a job you can do early checked off your ‘to do’ list.
  2. There is a lot of merit in a menu plan and timetable. Decide what you would like to cook well in advance to be sure you have all your ingredients and think about which platters you’ll use, serving items, serviettes etc. Write a cooking timetable, logging what you are going to do at which time. It may seem crazy, but you’ll congratulate yourself for it later.
  3. Get your knives sharpened! Nothing worse than watching Uncle Ralph hack at the glorious ham you’ve lovingly glazed. A sharp knife makes carving much easier to do. You could also encourage Uncle Ralph to watch our tutorials on You Tube too! See a demonstration on how to carve a ham and how to carve a turkey
  4. If you don’t have one, ask Santa for a good quality meat thermometer. This is definitely the day for using one.
  5. Make space in your fridge well in advance so you’re not forced to throw anything away when that big ham or turkey needs the room.
  6. Consider par-cooking your vegetables on Christmas Eve and finishing them on Christmas Day. They’ll keep beautifully in iced water in the fridge. Potatoes roast best when they are par-boiled, shaken about to rough-up their outsides and left to dry completely. This is an ideal job to do the day before.
  7. Think about a speedy trip to the service station on the morning of Christmas Day or asking a guest to swing through to grab you some so you can chill drinks in eskies or tubs and leave the fridge to cool the food.
  8. No-one wants to do the washing up in Christmas Day, so think about buying disposable roasting pans for the occasion.