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We also stock a variety of unique hides, fleeces, butchery items and condiments.

Lamb Skin

Our own suffolk-cross lamb fleeces are available to purchase, on request, from your local Feast! Fine Foods store. Fleeces vary in size and colour according to the animal making each one truly unique. These skins have some of the softest wool available and make a great gift for babies, are lovely...

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Condiments and more

Each Feast! Fine Foods shop stocks a variety of condiments, sauces, salts, oils and more. Make sure you check out the range of extras next time you're at Feast! Fine Foods as we are always sourcing new and interesting products.

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Butchery Items

If you're into a bit of home-butchery we've got a selection of butchery items available including knives, sharpening stones, gloves and twine. If you'd like to learn more about how to wield these butchery items, have a look at our scheduled classes!

Contact your local Feast! Fine Foods st...

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Unique Hides

We have a variety of unique hides available for purchase as part of our nose-to-tail philosophy. We cannot keep every hide from every animal, but we select the really special ones for tanning. Each hide is made in South Australia using limited chemicals, unlike a lot of cheap imports. They vary i...

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