Free Range Berkshire Pork

From a traditional breed renowned for their flavour, Berkshire Pork is like the pork we used to enjoy. Rich and delicious, the pork for this brand is sourced from dedicated producers around South Australia. The product is recognisable by the black hairs usually visible on the skin.

The Berkshire breed is well adapted to leading a free range life, being hardy and not susceptible to sunburn as they are black. Our Free Range Berkshire Pork is grown without the use of antibiotics in the feed and no growth promotants are used.

Berkshire Pork has long been recognised as the "king" of all porks when it comes to taste and texture. It retains all the things about pork that used to make it so good. Our Berkshire Pork has been featured on the ABC's "The Cook and the Chef" and is a product much loved by Barossa Valley icon Maggie Beer. A truly amazing product for the most discerning palate.