At Feast! we remember what pork used to taste like and can still taste like, if you know what to look for. We have forged strong links with leading pork producers in SA, such as Colin Lienert, famous across Australia for his Berkshire pigs, to supply us with free range Berkshire pork.

Free range animals typically produce more flavour as they are out and about in a more natural farming environment, working their muscles and usually growing more slowing. We also like to source heritage breeds, not just Berkshire, but Duroc and Wessex Saddlebacks which are more traditional pig breeds that produce wonderfully flavoursome pork. Don't take our word for it though, come and try our Free Range Berkshire or Heritage Pork and taste the difference for yourselves.

Please note that while our producers use free range production systems, some of them prefer not to go through the process of accreditation. We also source Kangaroo Island Free Range pork for most of our smallgoods. This pork is accredited free range and is labelled accordingly.

Free Range Berkshire Pork

From a traditional breed renowned for their flavour, Berkshire Pork is like the pork we used to enjoy. Rich and delicious, the pork for this brand is sourced from dedicated producers around South Australia. The product is recognisable by the black hairs usually visible on the skin.

The Be...

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Heritage Pork

We source traditional heritage pork breeds under the Heritage Pork brand, such as Duroc, Tamworth, Large Black and Wessex Saddleback. These breeds are less popular with the commercial pork industry which tends to be dominated by a single breed selected for productivity and efficiency rather than ...

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ShuAm Pork

Produced by two dedicated families in The Barossa, the Amerys and Schusters, SchuAm Pork is exceptionally high quality Berkshire pork. Even the grain produced to feed the pigs is produced on the family farm to the highest possible standard.

Berkshire pork is known for its marbling an...

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