Pure Suffolk Lamb has won several awards, including recently;

Sydney Fine Food Show

  • Silver Medal, 2014

Delicious Produce Awards

  • Finalist, 'From the Paddock', 2015
  • Medalist, 'From the Paddock', 2011

Pure Suffolk Lamb was also listed in Australia's Top 30 Producers, Good Food, 2015


Pure Suffolk Lamb

Produced by the distinctive black faced sheep, Pure Suffolk Lamb is a seasonal product in limited supply, with the ewes only able to be joined once a year, so look out for it from November to March. Sought out by the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Jock Zonfrillo, Pure Suffolk Lamb is the tastiest lamb you’ll ever eat.

Pure Suffolk Lamb has an amazing depth of flavour which combines so well with the modest amount of tiny marbling flecks present in the meat. Derived from a 100% meat sheep with no wool breeds such as merino or corriedale in its breeding, results in a far higher meat quality in terms of meat grain, texture, marbling and overall flavour.

Another unique attribute of the pure bred black-faced Suffolk is its size. While a standard lamb in Australia weighs approximately 44kg at 7 months old the purebred Suffolk weighs closer to 66kg at the same age. This increased size gives rise to lamb loin chops that could only be described as lamb T-Bones due to their larger size.

While we operate a pedigree flock of our own black-faced Suffolks under the Letts prefix, due to commercial considerations, the term Pure used for lamb means 7/8 black faced suffolk genetics.