We work hard to source the best lamb we can for our brands. Pure Suffolk Lamb is sourced from the distinctive black-faced suffolk and delivers wonderfully full-flavoured lamb. For our Hay Valley Lamb brand, we follow the season and cherry-pick the very best lambs we can from committed South Australian growers, so you can always count of having delicious lamb if you shop with Feast! Fine Foods.

It is important to note nearly all lamb follows a seasonal cycle with very young and pink "Spring Lamb" available in August to November, changing gradually to a more well flavoured and deeper red product come the winter months.

Pure Suffolk Lamb

Produced by the distinctive black faced sheep, Pure Suffolk Lamb is a seasonal product in limited supply, with the ewes only able to be joined once a year, so look out for it from November to March. Sought out by the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Jock Zonfrillo, Pure Suffolk Lamb is the tastiest...

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Hay Valley Lamb

Under our Hay Valley Lamb brand we source the very best South Australian lamb as the season shifts with the weather. There are strict specifications for this product so we can present you with a consistently tasty lamb every time you take it home.

Hay Valley Lamb sources the finest qualit...

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Saltbush Lamb

Produced in the Northern area of South Australia, Saltbush Lamb is naturally seasoned with the Dorper lambs grazing on native saltbush.

Extremely tasty and something a little different, Saltbush Lamb is well worth seeking out for your next lamb feast.

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