At Feast! Fine Foods we know our beef as we started out as beef producers, which is how Coorong Angus Beef was first established. Richard's family operate a beef production business on the Coorong here in South Australia and Elizabeth comes from a beef breeding background in Southern NSW.

Knowing what it takes to produce exceptional beef gives us great insight into other beef brands and we bring customers brands that are set apart by breed, production method and the methods we can use to make it more special, such as dry-aging and bring you interesting cuts you may have trouble finding elsewhere.

Coorong Angus Beef

Coorong Angus Beef is where it all started. This was our first branded product and where we learnt so much about how and why we do what we do. Back then, our family had grown premium Angus cattle by the Coorong for many years.

We now service over 100 restaurants during any given month...

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Willock Park English Longhorn

BREAKING NEWS! - A truly unique opportunity.

Considered by the likes of Heston Blumenthal as the best eating beef in the world in his book In Search of Perfection, Richard and Liz Gunner went to extraordinary lengths to bring this breed to Australia in the form of embryo...

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Heritage Beef

This is the brand we use for the traditional breeds we source for their flavour. Breeds like Scottish Highland, Belted Galloway, Red Poll and South Devon. These breeds are out of favour in commercial Australian agriculture, which is focused on fast and efficient production, but produce flavourful...

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Terrarossa Beef

Terrarossa is a premium brand of beef sourced from South Australia’s South-East – home of the world-renowned Coonawarra wine-growing region.

Terrarossa Beef is grain fed and Meat Standards Australia (MSA) graded, providing you with a tenderness guarantee. We ensure it meets a set of strin...

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Limestone Free Range Beef

Under our Limestone Beef brand we source very high quality grass fed beef, predominantly from the Fleurieu, to deliver a consistently satisfying eating experience.

The brand was named after the limestone (calcium carbonate) based soils prevalent throughout South Australia. These high calc...

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Andinda Rose Veal

Andinda Rose Veal

Produced by the Vickers family on the Limestone Coast, South Australia, Andinda calves are raised in a stress-free environment with their comfort and wellbeing always the top priority. Andinda Rose Veal is produced from 5 to 6 month old animals. They are housed in an open-sided shed out of the di...

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Coorong Angus Beef Dry Aged

  • Coorong Angus Dry Aged Beef is the culmination of everything we have learnt since taking our branded beef to the consumer. The product is fed for over 120 days, then processed and finally hung on the bone for a minimum of 3 weeks before final sale.

We finish with the time hon...

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Sher Wagyu

Sher Wagyu beef is the ultimate eating experience. You can now enjoy the culmination of over 21 years development of breeding and feeding Wagyu cattle in Australia.

The finest Wagyu bloodlines are combined with a carefully managed “conception to consumer” beef operation, Beefcorp Aust...

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South Aussie Angus

South Aussie Angus offers a great range of easy meal ideas to keep the tribe happy. All items in the South Aussie Angus range are keenly priced and offer exceptional value for money. South Aussie Angus is naturally produced with no hormone growth promotants, steroids or non- therapeutic antibioti...

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