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At Feast! Fine Foods we know our beef as we started out as beef producers, which is how Coorong Angus Beef was first established. Richard's family operate a beef production business on the Coorong here in South Australia and Elizabeth comes from a beef breeding background in Southern NSW.

Knowing what it takes to produce exceptional beef gives us great insight into o...

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We work hard to source the best lamb we can for our brands. Pure Suffolk Lamb is sourced from the distinctive black-faced suffolk and delivers wonderfully full-flavoured lamb. For our Hay Valley Lamb brand, we follow the season and cherry-pick the very best lambs we can from committed South Australian growers, so you can always count of having delicious lamb if you shop with...

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At Feast! we remember what pork used to taste like and can still taste like, if you know what to look for. We have forged strong links with leading pork producers in SA, such as Colin Lienert, famous across Australia for his Berkshire pigs, to supply us with free range Berkshire pork.

Free range animals typically produce more flavour as they are out and about in a mo...

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Modern poultry is grown very differently to the way it used to be. State of the art sheds, scientifically designed feed regimes, specially bred birds. At Feast! we prefer to source flavoursome, free range poultry. Not only because it tastes so much better but also because it seems... well so much more natural than the modern method.

We have been lucky to find a few p...

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Newbury & Watson Smallgoods

We are very proud of the range of Newbury & Watson smallgoods handmade by Jimmy Chirgwin and his dedicated team in our facility in the Adelaide Hills. Made predominantly with free range pork, we produce classics like smoky Chorizo, Roasted Shortcut Bacon, Prosciutto and the SA favourite, Fritz, along with Black Pudding, Kranskies and award winning hams.

Under the New...

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We also sell

We also stock a variety of unique hides, fleeces, butchery items and condiments.


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