Christmas 2018

Our Christmas Catalogue describes the best of our Christmas produce and has tips and tricks for making your festive season memorable, but also to help you manage a busy time and the inevitable leftovers. Pick up a catalogue in store or click through the catalogue above.

In addition to the catalogue you'll find plenty of hints and recipes here on our website. If you're looking for Game Bird Cooking and Selection tips click here, or we have plenty of ideas ready for your continued Feast on Christmas Leftovers here.

Please note that from December 14th we cannot take orders by email, you will need to go to your nearest Feast! store or phone them directly to enquire about orders. Please see store details here.


For something extra special Newbury & Watson Custom Hams are the perfect way to add a touch of the unique to your Christmas. These individually made hams are handmade to your specifications by our artisan smallgoods makers. They will add a truly special flavour to your Christmas feast, or make a perfect and unique gift for someone who deserves the best.

If you need help deciding on your custom ham selections and want something just as exclusive but with the decisions made for you, let Richard Gunner help you out with one of this year's Signature Hams - 'The Old Fashioned'. Inspired by the classic cocktail the combination of sweet, tart and smoky is perfect for a true Feast!

We can only accept a limited number of orders so make sure you secure yours by ordering in store or online by December 7 (unless previously sold out). The earliest these beauties can be collected is Dec 15th from one of our Feast! Fine Foods stores. Interstate deliveries are after that date, depending on where you are.

For more information about custom hams, or to place your order download the pdf below for Custom hams and a Feast order form too.

We can't wait to help you organise your Christmas Feast!