With Summer on the horizon, there is nothing better than firing up the barbecue. With so many different cooking methods, it raises the question – Which BBQ method is best for which situation?

Gas vs. Charcoal
Gas cooking has the main advantage of being able to achieve the desired cooking temperature in a shorter amount of time, which makes it a perfect option for cooking food if you are ‘time poor’ or having a more casual barbecue.

Charcoal is in a world of its own when it comes to cooking your larger cuts of meats such as roasts. As the larger cuts of meat can require up to a few hours to cook, the charcoals assist greatly in building that irresistible and smoky flavour throughout the meat.


Hooded BBQ vs. Weber
The Weber has been a favourite for decades due to its reliability in cooking tasty food consistently. The ‘old school’ Weber has always been designed to use charcoals to maintain the heat. Once this has been achieved, the hood is placed on the Weber and the food is cooked to its desired result.

The Hooded BBQ normally runs on gas which provides quicker heating time. However, the main drawback is that the smoky flavour that a Weber delivers is missing which is hard to replicate. Some Hooded BBQ’s incorporate a ‘Smoker Box’, which allows wood chips to be added to help restore that smoky flavour throughout the meat.


Hotplate vs. Griddle                                                                                                                       
The Hotplate is a completely flat surface which heat radiates through to cook the meat, where as a griddle has raised bars. This delivers the main benefit of giving your meat the char grill marks, which makes the steaks look more appetising on the plate. A griddle on your BBQ also allows for your steak to have direct contact with the heat which some argue helps intensify the flavour.


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