Jerky and Biltong share a certain form of similarity. But for the major part, there are differences, and these differences need to be understood. As a result, we decided to bring up comparisons and help you get a clear picture. With this information in hand, you are going to get the things you need the most and move ahead to explore the process with ease. So without further ado, here are the differences between Jerky and Biltong.


Jerky and Biltong are both dried meats, and that is the main similarity that they share. Apart from that, the differences tend to come into the picture and will take things further. For example, both these types of meat are different in taste and the overall production process that takes place before they are served. Exploring the same tends to give you an idea about how different they are and how the process takes place in a different manner. Many beef jerky businesses will sell both jerky and biltong as they can use the same machines.


In terms of origin, one should also note that beef Jerky comes from North and South America, whereas Biltong originates from South Africa. Moreover, the differences also go beyond the point and enter the aspects of texture.


The vast difference that comes in terms of texture also implies that you get to order these meats in various types. For example, Biltong is a basic dried steak, which is later cut to be eaten. As a result, you can have it “rare” medium or even hard. However, it also depends upon the place and if they are ready to serve the same in the manner of your choice. On the other hand, Jerky is generally cut and dehydrated for about 3 to 8 hours. Thanks to that process, it becomes drier, and the overall product is entirely different when you compare it.



The overall difference also comes in the form of the final product, and that is an aspect that you need to follow. In terms of additions, Biltong takes a whole different approach as it goes forward by being traditionally marinated in vinegar and spices. Due to that, there is a specific form of difference that comes in the form of taste and flavour. On the other hand, Jerky is miles apart as it is hung and air-dried. So the experience that you are going to witness is different, and the process will be unique, provided you prefer the same.


Now that you are aware of these differences, you need to move ahead and try them out. But before you do so, you should choose the right restaurant that can offer you what you need. Hence, that sums up our take on the differences between Jerky and Biltong.